Parents Face Jailtime for Posting Vaccine Skeptical Stickers

A Midwest small town drama with significance for the entire nation is about to reach its climax as a Catholic mom and dad —disabled military combat veterans, parents of 7 home-schooled children — are about to be sent to jail in retaliation for refusing to wear masks at their local public library and for allegedly placing two small stickers on public property next to the library encouraging others to resist heavy-handed COVID-induced government controls…

In March, Sam and Julie were accused of placing two small, removable stickers on the backs of a “Do Not Enter” traffic sign and a freestanding curbside pick-up box, both located on public property outside the library.  One of the stickers, about half the size of a standard index card, read: “LIVE IN FEAR, It makes you easier to control.”  The other, smaller than a bumper sticker, said, “THERE IS NO PANDEMIC; Your own government is using psychological warfare on you.”

After several scheduled pre-trial hearings in which the county court system failed to provide an Americans with Disabilities (ADA) coordinator for the couple, Sam and Julie were each sentenced by the judge to 90 days in jail, reduced to 2 days.  Additionally, the judge ruled that Sam and Julie must pay court costs and fees totaling $1,300 each, plus do 20 hours of community service and be on probation for one year.

The sentencing, which took place on July 29, requires Sam and Julie to report to the county jail for their 2-day sentences within 30 days.  Time is running out for them to appeal their convictions.”


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