“Are there are any other issues confronting our fractious republic that matter if Americans themselves are too scared to walk outside, lest they be mugged by a “bail reform”-freed perp or shot by a gangbanger in a drive-by shooting? As we get ready to close the chapter on this bloodyContinue Reading

“SPRECKELS, Calif. (TND) — A parent tore into a California school board saying teachers encouraged her child to become transgender in a speech caught on camera and shared online. Jessica Konen spoke at a Spreckels Union School District school board meeting, where she accused staff of indoctrinating her then-12-year-old daughter at what was beingContinue Reading

“The murder trial against 48-year-old illegal alien Billy Chemirmir began with a 91-year-old woman detailing how she was nearly murdered and robbed by Chemirmir, the prosecution alleges. As Breitbart News has reported for years, Chemirmir, an illegal alien from Kenya, is accused of murdering 24 elderly Americans in Texas from April 2016 toContinue Reading