Welcome to the official website of the YOUNG AMERICA FIRST REPUBLICANS!

What differentiates us from other conservative youth groups?

The YOUNG AMERICA FIRST REPUBLICANS are interested not in professional networking, throwing ritzy events, or kissing up to political figures. We are ACTION-ORIENTED, working to mobilize youth activists to engage in civil disobedience to prevent the left-wing destruction of America.

Our rights are being violated in a myriad of ways, including but not limited to:

◦ Dehumanizing COVID-19 mandates

◦ Rampant electoral fraud

◦ Destruction of the rule of law

◦ War on free speech

◦ Deep state subversion

We have noticed that most young conservative groups tiptoe or dance around these crucial issues, focusing instead on promoting tax cuts and stopping socialism. Tax cuts are great and socialism is bad, to be sure, but more is needed from the conservative youth if we are going to turn this country on the brink around.

We are holding events that focus on substantial issues, pressuring other conservative youth groups to be more hardcore, fostering guerilla style activism designed to shake people out of their slumber, and hosting a speaker series to make sure “cancelled” voices are heard.

Like what you hear? JOIN US!

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